Dear Client,

We have just marked a milestone in the development of our companies. It seemed essential to share the news of this event with our most important clients.

With effect from the 23rd October, SMFO, SACCAP, COYARD and ICARUS are part of one and the same group. This alliance is not just the result of several years of collaboration and numerous joint-ventures, but also and above all, the realisation of a vision which is at once strategic, industrial, and human.

The complementary nature of activities of each partner had become increasingly obvious to us, not just in terms of the products and services offered (valves and piping packages), but also with regard to production capacities. Together, the three partners are able to offer a more comprehensive range of products, a strengthened commercial capacity, and an improved flexibility and responsiveness.

Our aim is to exploit the strengths of each entity in order to become a benchmark brand in our markets, and a major player amongst valve suppliers.

Product quality, strict compliance with technical specifications, and an absolute understanding of the needs of each client, are all key points in our development policy. This set of aims will be maintained and enhanced by all the partners involved.

Icarus retains Léopold Thise as Chief Executive. Erik Dekkers will replace Jean-Pierre Brouzes to become CEO of the SMFO, SACCAP & COYARD group.

This change is therefore resolutely dedicated to continuity.

The entirety of our sales teams are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

Remain entirely at your disposal.

Yours faithfully,

On behalf of Icarus,

Léopold Thise

On behalf of SMFO, SACCAP & COYARD,

Erik Dekkers

Jean-Pierre Brouzes 


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